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What is the operating principle of the city farm?

The city farm operates under the principle of cropping growing in the closed-loop aquatic ecosystem with controlled internal environment. Regulation is due to concurrent tracing and control of such processes and indicators as the fertilizers level, watering, irrigation, light day cycle, growth and ripening stages.

Harvest time?

You can gather a new harvest of lettuce, strawberry and tomato nearly each month in Fibonacci city farms at the expense of regular delivery of grown-up seedling. Thus you can gather 6 harvests of strawberry and tomato and 12 harvests of lettuce per year.

Where can I buy seeds and seedlings?

You can purchase everything required for vegetables and berries growing in our online shop only in two clicks. The croppings suggested in the online shop are selected considering the possibility of efficient growth in Fibonacci city farms

Can I grow the plants myself?

You will require a personal consultation of our agronomists who will be happy to answer all the questions you are concerned by email. One of our agronomists can visit you at a time convenient to you and consult you personally.

Is it possible to send the purchase city farm into another region?

Unfortunately it is possible to deliver, assemble and maintain the city farms only in Moscow and Moscow region at the moment. However, this problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Is it possible that nothing grows up?

We guarantee active growth and proper harvest of the croppings selected by you in case of observation of all the city farm operation regulations. Besides, we provide a two-level support system at which all the city farms are connected to the remote monitoring system. It enables to continuously trace all the processes of the croppings growth (watering, irrigation, lighting and etc.). Our specialist can also visit you monthly, of necessary.

How long can the harvest remain fresh?

Your harvest is always fresh because it grows directly at home. You gather and eat it immediately. There is no need for storage.

What do the fertilizers consist of?

Our fertilizers contain the same nutrients for natural growth and ripening of the croppings that are contained in the open ground. The fertilizers consist of biohumus, the product of organic compost processing by the earthworms.