City farm

Fibonacci city farm is a unique solution for growing of natural and crisp lettuce, vegetables and berries.


Operating principle

Remote control

Control your city farm remotely using telephones and iOS or Android-based tablets


Lighting with the required light spectrum is developed for growing of really healthy and tasty cropping.

Natural fertilizers

Nutrients for the plants are produced only from natural minerals.

Water system

Nutrient-filled water circulates in the system within the whole period of plants growth from seeding to fruiting


Treat your family and friends to strawberries the quality of
which will not make you feel ashamed!
Fibonacci city farm will always provide you with ripe
and fleshy berries.

Wide choice

Find out which city farm is better right for you – just select the quantity of your family members.

Healthy food all year round, budget economy, expanding of
a circle of acquaintances and
just a favorite pastime – all with Fibonacci city farm.
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